With younger children, learning is through activities and simple chatter. We can draw, colour, paint, bake cookies, make things, read books, and tell stories. Classes can be individual, or in small groups of 2 or 3. To start with it can be better for me to come to your home, until they get to know me.

Older children may require help with learning vocabulary, tricky grammar, or practice their oral skills. Many schools provide little speaking practice, so I can help with pronunciation, fluency and vocabulary. I offer short courses of 5 or 10 lessons, which is usually sufficient to improve skills and confidence. Lessons are usually one-to-one but I am happy to discuss options.


I offer lessons in English conversation, business English and also English grammar and vocabulary. Every case is different - so I will create a flexible programme for you. Arrangements can be long-term or for a short course.

I also offer assistance with marketing, report, tender or presentation writing for specific projects. Please contact me for for details.